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Board of Regents Patch

E.K.K.A Black Belt Board of Regents Patch

E.K.K.A Board of Regents Patch 2015-09-09_215555


The English Kenpo Karate Association was established in 1990 by Mr Andy Fitzgerald. On the 25th April The EKKA and it’s black belts decided to create it’s own association and formed the Black Belt Board of Regents.


The Black Belt Board of Regents have all been recognised in the art of Kenpo Karate as keepers of the flame, and not the let the art die. The mission of the Board of Regents is to spread the art of Kenpo and make it available for everyone who wished to learn.


The Black Belt Board of Regents patch above has a symbolic meaning:

The Black & Red Curve

The black curve on left is the symbol of people who have graduated to Black Belt progressing through the Dan grades moving to the right red curve, pursuing their knowledge of the art leading through to Instructor, to professor and then master.

The Blue Flame

Normally in other Kenpo associations this flame would be yellow / red. The EKKA blue flame is an eternal flame symbolises the continuing effort of the EKKA to keep the art alive. The blue represents the calmness of the person and the flame represents our powerful knowledge of Kenpo. The blue flame never dies.


Writen By Shabazz Joseph, Assistant Instructor and EKKA Board of Regents Member

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