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*** NEWS *** – Green Belt Grading at English Kenpo Hampton Vale Club.

October 2, 2016

Congratulations to Thomas and Molly Trowbridge on passing their Green Belt grading on Sunday 2nd of October 2016.


Both performed well when tested on their techniques and forms, especially Molly.

During sparring both candidates were put through their paces by other club members including instructors. Both performed really well during the sparring session, esspecially Thomas who showed some real determination and grit.

A big congratulations to both Thomas and Molly, great job. We are all proud of you both. 🙂

From the Board of Regents, and all at the English Kenpo Karate Association Congratulations! <Salute!>

img_0775 img_0774 img_0772 img_0770 img_0773

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