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Thinking of Attending?
A typical Kenpo session consists of a light warm up followed by Self Defense Technique Practice, Static Drills and Forms Practice. Most session’s end with Freestyle Sparring. Senior Students are tutored in more advanced Kenpo Techniques and Principles of Combat. Feel free to contact us for further information on attending one of our classes – no need to be nervous we cater for all ages!
Give Andy a call today [07955 894 344], or, to send Andy an email, complete the boxes below and start the first steps on your own fascinating journey in the way of Kenpo.
Session fee’s are charged at £6.00 [Adults 15 – over] £5.00 [Juniors 6 – 15]  a Class – Training Fee also includes a nominal charge for LTKKA Membership – Please consult a club instructor for details.

Andy Fitzgerald
Mobile: 7955 894 344

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