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Weapons in Kenpo

Kenpo 1 Knife

Parker Fighting Knife – Kenpo I

Kenpo 2 Knife

Kenpo II

The Knife/Dagger is used in American Kenpo along with the Single and Double Short Stick – The knives above were designed and made by master knife maker Gil Hibben. * “In 1968 Gil designed the Kenpo Knife (sometimes called the Ed Parker Fighting Knife) for his black belt thesis on knife fighting using Kenpo tactics. His thesis became the basis of the Kenpo system’s Long Form 7 (the double dagger form) which uses two knives in mock combat”.

“The design of the Kenpo knife features an angled guard which allows you to put your thumb on top of the guard and employ the Kenpo “Chinese Fist” grip. This grip is much stronger and offers more stability than the common grip with your thumb down”. *

* Excerpts taken from

Short Stick [Used for Club Attacks]

Kenpo Self Defense Techniques can be adapted to be used with Single Stick and Double Stick. The only difference being that the Major Striking Moves are replaced with Sticks as primary weapons. In other words the “empty hand” becomes a stick.

Patrick with single stick

Single Stick

ed: I plan to expand this section and replace the low resolution images of the knives with photographs of my own knives. I will also include more information on the short stick.

Patrick with double stick

Double Stick

Weapons Techniques or Defenses Against Weapons Attacks


Checking the storm
Calming the storm
Evading the storm
Defying the storm
Returning the storm
Brushing the storm
Capturing the storm
Securing the storm
Escaping the storm
Circling the storm


Capturing the rod
Broken rod
Defying the rod
Twisted rod


Raining lance
Glancing lance
Thrusting lance
Entwined lance
Piercing lance

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