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The Ed Parker Association Patch


1.  THE SHAPE: The top of the crest of the patch is like a roof which gives shelter to all who come under it.

2.  THE TIGER: Represents the earthly strength derived through the early stages of learning. This is the stage where the individual is more impressed with his own physical prowess.

3.  THE CIRCLE: Is symbolic of several things. It depicts life itself, as a continuous cycle, where there is no beginning or end. So is it with the art of Kenpo. It too is a cycle of unending and perpetual movement or motion. Techniques follow a cycle, movements are part of a cycle. Physical prowess, humility, and self-restraint are no more than components of a progressive learning cycle. The circle is the base from which our alphabet stems.

4.  THE ORIENTAL WRITING: Is a reminder of the originators of our art, the Chinese. It is in respect to them and not that we serve them. The lettering to the right means Kenpo Karate, Law of the Fist and the Empty Hand; the art that we practice.

5.  THE “K”; stands for Kenpo, the art that we practice.

6.  THE COLORS: The white background is significant of the many beginners who form the base of the art. The yellow or orange represent the first level of proficiency, the mechanical stage, the dangerous stage of learning. It is a time when the student is more impressed with the physical, and, who like a freshman in college, thinks that he knows all of the answers.

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