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Similar Techniques

This section shows how you can note the similarities of numerous techniques in how to use the same general defence against various forms of attack In addition, you cannot do the same technique for different attacks, so it teaches the concept of altering your targets and weapons.

Clipping the Storm & Parting Wings this is the same technique.

  • The hand movements are identical, of course with obvious weapon tailoring. Clipping the Storm is Parting Wings with steps on each strike as opposed to a relatively stationary defence (There is of course movement as you apply the rules of motion, i.e. back-up mass and torque, but the feet really stay in the same general place.)

Buckling Branch & Thrusting Salute

  • This is the same technique executed against the opposite attack. Difference based on how the attacker is facing.

Fatal Deviation & Entwined Maces

  • The attacks are opposite (right I left punch compared to a left punch). Both begin with a right inward blockintoa right outward block. They both continue with a crossover manoeuvre. (Fatal Deviation is a front crossover while Entwined Maces is a rear crossover.

Leaping Crane & Gathering Clouds Same technique.

  • The main difference is that Leaping Crane has a kick

Raining Claw

  • Becomes Circling Fans the motion of Raining Claw is seen within the initial movements of Circling Fans

Obscure Wing and Grip of Death and Dance of Darkness is Escape from Death

  • Probably one of the nicest examples of grafting in our system. It takes two (and a half) techniques and works them into one.

Flashing Mace & Five Swords is The Ram and the Eagle

  • These two techniques have been grafted together to form a technique applicable to a situation of multiple attackers.
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