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Opposite & Reverse Techniques

Glancing Spear & Gripping Talon

  1. Glancing Spear: against a left wrist grab; we move up and back and take the attacker down backwards.
  2. Gripping Talon: against a right wrist grab; we move down and in and take the attacker down forwards.

Crossing Talons & Crossed Twigs

    1. They are opposites. It illustrates opposite sides of an outward elbow, inward overhead elbow, and knee strike. Plus the direction we are facing in relation to our attacker is opposite as well.

      Hooking Wings & Bow of Compulsion

      1. Hooking Wings is Bow of Compulsion in reverse and up high with some obvious weapon and target changes.
      2. Hooking Wings: inward strike, back knuckles, upward elbow, downward claw.
      3. Bow of Compulsion: downward raking claw, upward strike, outward back knuckle, inward strike.

      Buckling Branch & Brushing the Storm

        1. The scoop kick and knee takeout at the end of Buckling Branch are the opposite of the same ending of brushing the Storm, opposite side and opposite weapons.

          Delayed Sword & Intellectual Departure

            1. Intellectual Departure is the low-line version of Delayed Sword. (Block I kick! strike.)

              Locking Horns & Dance of Death

                1. Locking Horns is the low-line version of Dance of Death on the opposite side.

                  Escape from Darkness & Unfolding the Dark

                    1. Two techniques that are similar in attack yet thrust into Darkness is the mid-line version.
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