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Evolving Techniques

Growth, Grafting & Different Weapons

Alternating Maces & Calming the Storm

  • These two cover different weapons. Alternating Maces is for a push, while Calming the Storm is for a deadlier attack, a weapon. Attacking Mace is found within evading the Storm Probably the earliest obvious growth of a technique. Attacking Mace is in evading the Storm.

Crashing Wings

  • Becomes The Bear and the Ram they have made Crashing Wings applicable in a situation of a two-man attack.

Five Swords & Detour from Doom

  • Detour from Doom is essentially Five Swords for a kick.

Sword & Hammer, Obscure Wing, Obscure Sword

  • These three techniques are the same. Sword and Hammer was inserted in the system after Obscure Wing and Obscure Sword; so instead of being the original base technique, this is an “ancestral” trace back to a more base technique to teach.
  • Repeating Mace becomes Reversing Mace becomes Circling Destruction becomes Gathering of the Snakes At first the technique is set for a single attack and gives a single response, block and strike. Both Repeating Mace and Reversing Mace work with this.

Circling Destruction

  • Shows how to finish off the attacker with the chops, head twists, and scoop kick. Gathering of the Snakes shows the technique developed to handle two attackers. It is based more off of Circling Destruction than Destructive Fans, yet the latter should not be left out because of that.

Captured Leaves & Entangled Wing

  • The same technique for different attacks. It does also point the way saying the same technique is applicable to different attacks.
    Look to Delayed Sword’s other uses for this as well.

Circle of Doom

  • Handles two kicks in Rotating Destruction could be seen as an if technique, but also as an evolving one due to the similarities.

Triggered Salute & Mace of Aggression

  • Same technique with obvious target adjustments. Triggered Salute is the mid-line version; Mace of Aggression is the high-line version.

Twirling Hammers & Shield and Sword

  • Both have the same strikes. Left outward block, right strike to the head & neck, left inward elbow, and right hammer fist to the kidney.

Captured Leaves & Entangled Wing

  • Same technique against a different lock at a different angle.

Gift of Destruction & Thrusting Prongs

  • Thrusting Prongs is the inside version of Gift of Destruction. In both cases we lock and break the elbow, knee them and finish with a right inward elbow. In Gift of Destruction we check the attacker’s arm in towards their body andstayon the outside of their body while in Thrusting Prongs we lock and check their arm outside (away from) their body and stay on the inside.
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