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Equation Formula

The Equation Formula for fighting was designed as a formula to allow fighters to build/design logical and practical fighting techniques. It states that for any base move (i.e punch/kick) or group of moves (technique – i.e Clutching Feathers) one may modify their intention by:

  1. Alter the target area, weapon, or both.
  2. Prefix a strike or block with an off angle body positioning (i.e step out of the way of the weapon!).
  3. Perhaps Suffix your strike with one or several more.
  4. Rearrange the order of a technique. Instead of block-chop-punch change it to block-punch-chop (do not forget to block though).
  5. Insert a move, perhaps simultaneously, such as a check of another weapon.
  6. Delete a move to prevent unwanted injury to yourself, your opponent or to prevent unnecessary time spent engaging and less time leaving!
  7. You may wish to adjust the range or angle of the weapon.
  8. Regulate your weapons speed or force and you may get a very different reaction.
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