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*** NEWS *** – New 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belts at English Kenpo

September 6, 2016

Congratulations to Mr Shabaz (Baz) Joseph & Mr René (Frankie) Franklin who sucessfully graded on Sunday 28th of August 2016 at our Paston Club.

Baz was examined and passed his 3rd Degree test.

Frankie was also examined on the day and passed his 3rd Degree test.

Both Gentlemen are well respected instructors within the EKKA Association and it was a pleasure to see them both perform so well.

Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 03

It was a great day with both Gentlemen being tested on their self defence techniques and forms and also, the obligatory surprise written examination. It was a great day from which many fond memories will be taken. Thanks to all that attended and assisted on the day. Well done lads.

From all the member of the English Kenpo Board of Regents and, all of us at the English Kenpo Karate Association, a BIG congratulation to both Baz and Frankie. Full Kenpo Salute!

Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 09 Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 04 Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 05 Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 06 Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 07 Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 08

Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 02Baz 3rd & Frankie 2nd 01

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