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Kenpo Family Tree

SGM Ed Parker 1979

The Late Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker [about]

- illustrated by © Ed Parker Jr. 1979



John McSweeney


Maurice Mahon


Simon Paget & Barney Coleman


Patrick Kennedy


Andy Fitzgerald*




Nick Bourke 1985

Stuart King 1985

Vincent Walsh 1986

Janet Martin 1986

Marie O’Reilly 1986

Patrick Cumiskey 1986

Shaun Fitzgerald 1987

Wayne Fitzgerald 1987

Andy Fitzgerald Jnr 1987

Justin Fitzgerald 1988


Kevin Mount 2000

Jeff Lees 2000

Keith Birrell 2001

Sam Thomas 2001

Stuart Lawson 2003

Peter Southam 2005

Scott Gladwyn Ball 2006

Joey Byrne [H] 2008

Jason O’Keeffe [6th Degree Black Belt] 2009

Matthew Fitzgerald 2011

John Beasley 2011

David O’Meara 2012

John Noel Brennan 2012

Shabazz Joseph 2012

Phil Mackinder 2012

Alun Griffiths 2012

Simon Trowbridge (March 2014)

Andrew Birt (March 2014)

Neil Bradley (May 2014)

* Listed are Students that have achieved Black Belt and Above under Andy Fitzgerald.

[H] = Honoree

(This page displays the names of direct students of Andy Fitzgerald and are hereby added as a sign of respect to their lineage. Students listed are active within the Kenpo universe or atributes their method to be influenced by Andy Fitzgerald).


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